Starglobe (2019)

Ceramic,Glass Globe, Glitter, Water, Star Sequins

Dandelion Leaf Salad (2019)

Dandelion Leaves, Chili Sauce, Walnuts, Blue Cheese, Metal Lunchbox

A.S.P.I.E Rover (2018)


Lift-Off (2019)

Balloons,String, Jesmonite Rocket, Brilliant Blue Sky

Rocket Box (2019)

Jesmonite Rocket, Felt, Glass Box, Dried Flowers

Planet Rock and Resin Fossil (2018)

Drawn Illustration, Digital Manipulation

© 2018 by WhimsicalEmzical. 

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A.S.P.I.E Rocket

Jesmonite, Acrylic Rocket (2018)